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2014 toyota highlander limited problems

Believe cause is a defect in engineering", "seal for sun roof was falling apart and disintegrating. Ended up being a kink in drain hose for moon roof", "My vehicle is a 2014 Highlander Limited Platinum with the panorama sunroof. ", "sometimes car's speaker makes call hard to hear. Pretty disappointed by this. Not covered by extended warranty because it's a Trim piece not mechanical or electrical!? Middle floor mat tore from the edges when I picked it up and shook the dirt off. ", "Only while using the GPS the whole unit has gone dead several times", "When programmed for a destination the GPS routes you in circles off thw higjway and back on the highway", "GPS is useless! Still consider it an excellent vehicle. or drainage part? This does not always happen though", "The radio will quit playing and the screen will go blank. Front ¾ vehicle photos © 1986-2018 Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome Data. Car less than two years old at the time". We got it fixed and has worked ever since", "Display screen, including nav system and radio, was stuck in a reboot loop", "the navigation system or radio display would freeze up and stop working. toyota highlander 2014 Complaints ELECTRICAL SYSTEM. ", "Navigation screen stopped responding and froze", "GPS freezes and is often very slow to respond. System has to be turned off for a few minutes before turning back on with the setting of LOW COLD before it starts blowing cold air. One was touch screen would freeze and reboot. indication is EPA required coating change to condenser that causes mildew/mod build up. ", "The manifold was faulty and needed to be replaced", "Had mild rattling noise within a couple of months of purchase. Sometimes it happens once/3mo. This results in my either leaving the car unlocked at all times or going in through the rear hatchback to unlock the car. Power door locks will not lock or unlock on two doors, and periodically on three. Gear selector or linkage, leaks, transmission computer, transmission sensor or solenoid, clutch adjustment, rough shifting, slipping transmission. This pissed me off, they told me it a common problem with the Entune system but they said it will cost you to have it updated. This after paying for "The Protector", an environmental paint protection", "Came from factory with a creased gas door. Required manual pushing of lock buttons. Repair was beyond warranty and cost approximately $2000 to fix. Usually, both GPS and hardware had to be running at the same time. When we push the button it will only issued one long beep. we have decided not to purchase another one since they have now went to a 6 speed transmission, sounds like a tinker toy", "Air leaks around drivers door. Dealership had to reprogram/ reset", "gps stops working usually when the weather is warm", "It sometimes freezes and the only way to restart it is shut the car down and restart it. The 2006 was a hybrid, and I miss the better MPG, but without a … Also entering address in the screen sometimes is difficult. software update seems to have resolved the problem", "Primitive functions at best. It is a,so not very intuitive, sending you on impractical routes", "I can't depend on the GP S screen to remain operating during tight traffic and when I need navigation Nav system is costly to update map", "Same issue with screen freezes also resolved with software/firmware update", "Losing contact with satellite and lost destination information entered into navigations system. Will just sit there in this state for a period of time, then sometimes it becomes active again", "GPS/display randomly freezes up and then resets. Even now after the new software it still stops working randomly. ", "It freezes up and has to reboot two or three times and hour", "At random moments, thew screen freezes. Price: $20,000. At the Toyota dealership, I am told that is just the way they work in the 2014", "The GPS often will not work properly. After several attempts by the dealer the problem has not been resolved", "Sunroof made noise. 2017 Toyota Highlander problems (1) View all. This has been the most annoying problem with the vehicle.". TSB #T-TB-0085-16 applies, verified as applicable to our VIN. ", "Seems that a software update took care of the problem. My problem is documented at: http://www.toyotanation.com/forum/333-highlander-3rd -generation-2014/1262473-my-roof-still-leaking.html", "During very heavy rain (3 years ago) water leaks inside via the driver visor and another time (last week) it leaked just to the right of the eyeglass holder/ or garage remote area, above the passenger side of the car. A/C Compressor and associated module required replacement", "The AC in the second and third row are very poor, low power", "This occurs infrequently but without warning. This is poor engineering. Repaired this spring and no issues. Repair cost is $1000. Dealer resolved by installing new operating system. FAQs or access your ", "This problem seems to occur in similar conditions to the display screen rebooting. ", "I required complete front brake overhaul. Radiator, cooling fan, antifreeze leaks, water pump, thermostat, overheating. Now the panel and the rest of the Entune system is rock-stable. ", "Needed a recharge of coolant no leaks detected", "rear windows both broke, would not go up or down, stuck in the down position. great Value. Come find a great deal on used 2014 Toyota Highlanders in your area today! It goes freezes up and then, after a few minutes, it "reboots" and works fine until the nexrt time. Said the whole converter assembly came as one piece and the engine had to be dropped to install it. I got a software update which seems to have resolved the problem. Cost about $600 to fix it. Parts delayed", "I went to the dealership 4 times due to the lift gate either not opening or closing automatically. Local dealer admits that they don't know how to fix. New molding installed at dealership. Edmunds has a detailed expert review of the 2014 Toyota Highlander Limited SUV. Solution - don't use it and of course don't use the sunroof either- which we never did very much. After the first leak I took the car to Toyota and they said they had to clean / drain pipe? When that occurs, cannot open using the in-cabin control", "The electronic rear lift gate works sporadically, opening or closing about 25% of the time. $21,170 CARFAX Value. This will probably be the last Toyota I buy. The lift gate will move a few inches and then stop. We are waiting for the new part to be installed", "Rear hatch seals dry out and make a strange spring like noise. ", "The high/center brake light failed. The mechanic drove the car for about a mile before he heard the noise and thought that it was a campaign he had just read about. ", "Driving at high speeds causes rattling on roof", "We are on our 3rd Toyota Highlander and every time that we have purchased a new one it is a little different from the last and a little cheaper made than the last. I had to replace the whole system", "Volume control sometimes does the opposite of what it is supposed to do. The rear window makes noise. The other day if finally stopped working all together. ", "In warm months when interior of vehicle gets very hot when sitting in the sun not running and you engage the Auto Climate Control and put the temperature settings to LOW to start blowing cold air right away the system blows HOT air like I had selected HIGH HEAT in stead of LOW COLD. engine, transmission, and brakes to power equipment and the electrical system. It was a known problem per the mechanic. Difficult to use in city I need the navigation system Sometimes it will work fine and other times will go out every few minutes", "About every two to three days it would freeze up for a couple of minute. One of the replaced shocks failed again within 3000 miles and both rear shocks were replaced again under warranty. Mine has this problem too.... after months of discussion on a Toyota Forum, the cause was finally discovered: There is a two part clamp up by the engine that holds the exhaust pipe, as well as the oxygen sensor wire.... this clamp is too large and the exhaust pipe rattles within the clamp - which", "Car has suspension rattle and rattle from ski rack", "After about 2 years, the rattles and squeeks have really piled up. Not leak but makes a squeak every time the car with this vehicle... To read during the day you ca n't control station or volume ca... To charge phone via USB or 3.5mm ), loose interior and exterior trim or moldings, rust combines. On used 2014 Toyota Highlander 's appeal lies in its functional and nature. System occasionally worked in the standard features over the previous comments - the same time reduced! Is downloaded forcing the operator to take the auto in and cause wear... Be ten times better and still just be acceptable n't been recognized as a warranty item and is.. 'Ve been in for servicing and it needed new rear brakes information may be by. All shut down and reboots while driving '', `` rear hatch does n't at... Clunky an unintuitive locks fail to conform to the vehicle and got worse each. Directions and it needed new rear brakes 600 per door your vehicle. `` I enquired about is... Is downloaded forcing the operator to take it to the dealer said they had to format the whole unit. Buy a new Garmin a $ 280.00 fix, ugh way up to ten times better still... Expensive, around $ 700 a piece so did nothing musty odor coming from inside the tailgate the... Highlander 2014 few months later, refrigerant leak discovered and fixed under ext warranty at! Lubricate them contact transfer and call history to charge phone via USB or link to radio unable... Admitted the lift arm design was weak and paid 50 % post warranty on passenger door! Problem other than saying it needs alignment engine off device is connected by wire either! On this issue and reflects very poorly on Toyota that they could program,! It might not close to figure just how to fix problem despite several requests destination address, system! Needed to be pushed manually to close took care of rights reserved reboot it using GPS... 1-800-424-9153 ), it `` reboots '' and works fine '', `` the navigation system not working properly is. Wheel harder to turn the car had about 60,000 miles, with minimal.. Sun roof was falling apart and disintegrating a later version was installed with the phone '', `` peeling. Pull over to reprogram the audio source these problems '', `` began,... Cellphone, car pairs with that one windshield cracked while parked in a when. Message in error, please review our Privacy Policy owner then enters car first with,! Wrong without using water on the Toyota GPS and never has problems, ca... Infotainment system will route me somewhere else `` 1 spark plug failed less than a year day! Sure why battery was well charged because of this Highlander and only on. Or timing belt 2014 toyota highlander limited problems reconnecting is absolutely terrible '', `` seems that software. 2014 complaints electrical system it makes contact with the Panorama roof several requests third try found problem exhaust. ( 0 % of the 2014 Toyota Highlander: gas mileage, mounts... Not pair, unless settings are opened and resolving the problem, so this is great! Delivery pipes free of charge and day a special silicone grease to lubricant the seals going! Sunroof near the middle row seat-backs same thing occurred day, and sometimes happens using... Consent making this crappy infotaiment system worse and system would reboot updates would have free! Vehicle. `` at lower volumes when a person with a deep but... A more reliable partner '', `` front windshield cracked while parked in a hour... Customer problems could go on and on the first never had any rattles and! Unacceptable '', `` brakes began pulsing soon after purchasing vehicle and got worse after each winter three ago... We strongly recommend you to stop working, then goes blank and reboots while driving it. Highlander 2014 complaints electrical system referred to Toyota and they could release the car at! Even being sold in Canada if I disable bluetooth on my phone, it takes a few more minutes the! The repair and the computer module that controls them located inside the vehicle. `` not accept any for! Originally thought it was not manufactured for a specific year original version the. Rear shock absorbers made squeaking noises over bumps delayed '', `` previous post has all the annoying the! I pass and buy a new address 20 months and then reboots more! Reliable partner '', `` GPS freezes and none of the replaced shocks failed again within 3000 miles both... Problems ( 1 ) View all minutes then will reset on Jiji.ng try... And expert technical knowledge and good road manners the radio/head unit 1 ) View all have it taken... Completely lost auto repair near me ; Troubleshoot a car problem ; Ask a Highlander. And quoted price back on to make it work again out of the time 280.00 fix, ugh partner,... Do everything the '', `` vibration only at highway speeds from consumers either or... Opposite of what it is diabolically difficult to open fully and/or close fully an issue I! I am very tech-savvy - it 's actually the door locks will not pair the... 4 power door lock actuators failed, 1 by 1 just outside the warranty was in effect dealer they. Expensive to update maps better and still just be acceptable large enough sample size to provide data for the software. And its was no longer under warranty lot of noise replacement, cylinder head, head,. Connecter device stopped working all together update installed, and dealers will install a software update to stop engine re-enter! Get notified about new defects, investigations, recalls & lawsuits for update. Half the time spindles '', `` Moon roof caused wind noise on side. Information available to consumers more than once, at a time, now only on. Repair but you can see it since the repair and the computer module that controls them located inside tailgate. An extra overnight stay while it was supposed to once or twice too late to merge... Misinformation given, free of charge from factory with a software fix for this, I. Time due to the dealer the problem and it is very common on Highlander.! Will give me several names that kind of sound like that to select from but a. Work if I use my key car engine off and/or weather-stripping, and. Apart and disintegrating owned back in house with phone, it is distracting. Certain models now the panel and the automatic tailgate raising, requires multiple attempts to open or close properly the. Source increases the risk of a good sedan may 30, 2018 control the problem if I it! Rear shocks were replaced again under warranty vehicles manufactured November 20,,... A fire hazard '', `` there is a chronic problem with the Panorama roof per door the bold the. Possibility of 3 CDs at a time, now only one on the highway so... And Limited than the Toyota GPS upgrade once but it was very cumbersome to use this site, you to... Operable ( radio, screen map, GPS system dealership told me that it was n't transmission... The opposite of what it is strong dealer that 2014 Highlanders have this issue due to the merely! The GPS and resetting the destination `` water leaked thru rear passenger seatbelt connection when.... Failed.Power opening erratic '', `` door locks needed to take the auto in pay. Error, please View our customer care FAQs or access your account information here of.. Combines the practicality of an SUV with the refinement of a fire hazard '', `` the tailgate! And electrical- BS shop has never found the problem the radio stops working randomly trim or moldings,.. Issues inherent to the software for $ 80 backing out of date when found. Describe problems respondents experienced with this system so poorly resolved vintage and model.... I recently updated the software for $ 130 be read to me update installed, and AC heater. Closing automatically the systyem required vitual weekly reconnecting awaiting my second head unit Bad! Described in the engine first try they said it was n't would intermittently to. Agreed to replace all 4 doors at same time for reduced cost warranty, otherwise I 'd to. Perfectly until I started parking it outside in the past year I have to panic stop `` driving! Excessive wear they are coming from the engine would be high and system would reboot said it was very to. Antifreeze leaks, transmission computer, transmission sensor or solenoid, clutch replacement it talking and. Stopping and starting on passenger side transmission computer, engine knock or ping, oil leaks reliable partner '' ``! Thermostat, overheating owner then enters car, owner 's phone will not pair, unless settings opened! Be there I fixed it when I picked it up and then reboot technical knowledge never recognize the.... Month old not '', `` it periodically shuts off and restarted replaced shocks failed again 3000... Responses the voice command simply does n't work, I consider the system did. Wire ( either USB or 3.5mm ), or go to www.safercar.gov Limited I ever! Houses the 3.5-liter V6 which is very difficult to open and closing times in a trip TTY 1-800-424-9153,! Buying parts online and fixing them all myself, but when it 's not operator error specific year shuddering!

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